Find your statistically significant other

A data storytelling challenge on the topic of LOVE.

Submissions have now closed! Thanks for your interest

The challenge is about impactful data stories around the theme of LOVE.

Winning entries will paint a moving picture of the behaviours, desires and struggles hidden within the numbers.

Open to all.

Entries can be in any format:
  • Infographic
  • Interactive
  • Illustrated
  • Digital or Physical

Find a story that interests you and visualise in your favourite medium.

Think, introspect and empathise with the data.

We’ve prepared a range of datasets tackling different aspects of LOVE in Singapore: top searches, marriage rates, attitudes to love... Or, collect your own personal dataset.


1st Prize
$500 + Goodie bag

2nd Prize
$300 + Goodie bag

3rd Prize
$200 + Goodie bag

Meet The Judges

Simon Scarr

Deputy Head of Reuters Graphics

Rebecca Pazos

Interactive Graphics Journalist at The Straits Times

Ate Poorthuis

Assistant Professor of HASS at SUTD

Chi-Loong Chan

Co-Founder Data Viz SG and Founder of V/R

Harriet Robertson

Founder of Synthesis & Practitioner of Human Centred Data Science

Vipin Pal Singh

Data Lead at Paktor

Judging Criteria


Does the story invite empathy with the people behind the data?


Is the output elegant, coherent and easy to read?


Is the idea and analytical approach fresh and innovative?


Is the analytical approach thoughtful, relevant and insightful?


09 October

Datasets released

16 October

Idea consultation

31 October

Submission closes

13 November

Prize giving


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